BarberaProduction area: the whole territories in the municipal districts of Novello and Barolo.

Grape variety: 100% Barbera

Harvest time: second week of October

Vinification: traditional fermentation. The must is in contact with the skins for 8 – 10 days with frequent pumping over during the day.

Maturation in cellar: for three months the new wine is kept in stainless steel tanks where it undergoes some racking. Then it is poured into oak barrels where it undergoes an eight months’ maturation before being bottled.

Chemical analysis
Minimum total alcohol content by volume: 13-14%
Minimum total acidity: 5.5-6.5 ‰, pH 3.20-3.40

Sensory analysis
Colour: ruby red with purple hues.
Bouquet: vinous, very intense.
Flavour: full and dry with outstanding and pleasant acidity.




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