Commune of production: Novello and Barolo

Variety: Nebbiolo and Barbera

Vintage time: second half of October

Vinification: the must remains in contact with the skins for 7 - 8 days, and it is then racked to complete afterwards its fermentation.

Maturation in cellar: the new wine remains for four months in steel containers; after some rackings it is poured into the oak barrels where it remains for about 8 months before being bottled.
The red Langhe Brajas is obtained by bringing together the two wines, vinificated separately but aged together with 70% Nebbiolo and 30% Barbera.

Analytical data:
alcohol 13.50 – 14,50 % vol.
total acidity g/l 5 – 5,5
pH 3.10 – 3,30

Sensory characteristics:
Ruby red color with intense, lively, bright garnet red reflections.
Complex bouquet rich in ripe fruit and spices.
The Nebbiolo tannins blends perfectly with the Barbera acidity making it a savory, fresh wine.





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